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    AVA Gallery

    AVA Gallery and Art Center (Alliance for the Visual Arts), established in 1973, is committed to the support and promotion of New Hampshire and Vermont artists through exhibitions, information and special opportunities, and to foster public awareness and exposure to the visual arts through classes, scholarships, special events, lectures, films and publications. AVA is centrally located in the middle of Lebanon (in the old H.W. Carter overall factory) and easily reached by visitors from all parts of New Hampshire, Vermont, and beyond.   An extensive building renovation in 2006-2007 resulted in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certification by the US Green Building Council.

    While AVA today occupies almost 20,000 square feet on the first and second floors of the 11 Bank Street building, in 1973–when a handful of Upper Valley artists decided to look for a place to show their work–its first location was in a barn.

    AVA’s main programs fall into two categories: exhibitions and art classes. The exhibitions range from shows by carefully selected local and regional artists to group exhibitions, including community related shows such as presentations of works by students from local schools.

    Since AVA’s move in 1990 from Hanover to Lebanon, the organization has seen a steady increase in the number of artists, students and general visitors who have traveled considerable distances to participate in or attend our programs. Annually, AVA presents more than 30 exhibitions, and offers around 200 classes and workshops. Every year, approximately 400 artists participate in our exhibitions, and around 1200 students enroll in our classes, 500 of whom are children and teens. Between 40 and 50 scholarships are awarded annually. Additionally, AVA offers numerous free or low-cost programs for people of all ages and abilities, including the popular CAOS (Community Arts Open Studio) offered on Saturdays during the school-year.

    Throughout these 40 years AVA has received consistent support from the community, ranging from financial contributions to volunteer hours. Volunteers contribute more than 3000 hours per year to AVA. This involvement is really a testament to what many see as AVA’s intrinsic value to surrounding communities. AVA continues to successfully offer opportunities for artists in the region and to increase public awareness of the importance of the visual arts.


    West Lebanon Supply

    Welcome to West Lebanon Feed & Supply

     The spirit of West Lebanon Feed & Supply is founded in a rich history of Agricultural and Community tradition.  It all began in the 1920’s, as the Sunshine Feed Company and changed in the 1950’s to the Wayne Feed Store.  We have grown and changed over the years to become who we are today.

    It is our hope that when you read about our passion, you will understand that it comes from the hearts of all of us who work here at West Lebanon Feed & Supply.

    We celebrate our new beginning with you, our family and friends in our community, and we take pride in the trust you place in us.  It is our firm conviction that with the foundation of our new building, we will continue our agricultural history and grow in our serve to our customers.


    Our Passion Statement

    We recognize the close bond between animals and their owners and it is with a deep passion that we nurture these relationships.  Our strength lies in our ability to work as a team, showing support for one another and our customers.  We are dedicated to providing you with knowledge, expertise and current information.  We strive to allow our customers to share ideas and create solutions. 

    We all depend on others to help us through life, for the big things and the small.  We find the help we need through faith, family, friends and our community.  We will continue to serve our customers with the passion, pride and heart that started this business many years ago.

    Come enjoy an atmosphere of something old……..

    and something new.

    We invite you to look at the three horse drawn implements suspended in our store…

    Three symbols of our connection to the land and the life that serves her…


    One Furrow Plow

    A symbol of planting and new beginnings….man and horse bonded together

    Hay Rake

    A symbol of gathering…..of family & friends:  a gathering of information and ideas

    One Row Cultivator

    A symbol of nurturing….cultivating relationships

    Eastern Logo 125x125