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City of Lebanon – Storm Recovery Update – July 8, 2013

City of Lebanon – Storm Recovery Update – July 8, 2013


Issued by: Chris Christopoulos, Jr., Fire Chief-Emergency Management Director Date: July 8, 2013 at 2100 hours


The following are the major activities related to the response and recovery efforts from the severe rain event between July 1st and July 2nd.


The City of Lebanon continues to focus our resources and efforts toward response to basic public needs as a result of last week’s rain event. Priorities are as follows:

Public Safety

– ensuring that all residents have basic services including: water for sanity use and potable drinking water (bottled water is available to those in the affected area at Lebanon Fire Station 1, So. Park Street), electricity and providing access for residents to their homes. Further resources continue to be deployed to address areas which could suffer significant damages during another rain event.

Slayton Hill Road

– has been opened to one lane of temporary traffic and most homes have driveway access restored as of July 8th. City officials met with a geologist from the State of New Hampshire to being investigating the cause of the severe damages to this area.

 Forest Avenue and Shaw Street – heavy cleanup activities continued throughout July 8th.

Impacted areas

– all impacted areas, including over 60 city and state streets are being inspected for storm related damage and catch basins are being cleared of debris to minimize further damages.

. Anyone wishing to report damage should contact Lebanon Public Works at 448-3112.

Public Assistance Service Center

– There will be a service center set up at Lebanon High School, Hanover Street Extension. The center will open on Wednesday, July 10th from 12:00 pm until 8:00 pm. The following organizations will be on hand to offer assistance or provide direction to the public:

The Haven

Upper Valley Strong

Twin Pines Housing Trust



Senior Center

Lebanon Housing Authority

Coupon Club

Recovery – City officials will be meeting to develop a comprehensive City Storm Recovery Plan. This plan will include meetings with engineers for the reconstruction of Slayton Hill Road, an investigation by meteorologists and geologists to determine the cause of the damages, other street and culvert restoration projects, and mitigation projects for which the City can seek funding to minimize future impacts. This process will being tomorrow with FEMA officials touring the city to develop damage estimates.

Public Informational Meeting

– as soon as the City has assessed al damage and developed a City Recovery Plan, we will host a public information meeting to allow public input for the recovery phase.


– People wishing to volunteer or residents requiring clean-up assistance can contact Upper Valley Strong at (603) 448-0272 or online at http://www.uvstrong.org/ or http://www.uvstrong.org/household_survey/.

While we understand that many on the community have been impacted by this tragic event, we ask the public to be patient while we determine the most effective approach to make permanent repairs to city infrastructure. For general questions please contact the Lebanon Fire Department at 603-448-8810 during normal business hours.


Issued by: Chris Christopoulos, Jr., Fire Chief-Emergency Management Director Date: July 8, 2013 at 2100 hours


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