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Homes & Lifestyles

Lebanon offers a wide range of housing to appeal to all tastes, family sizes and budgets. Individually constructed homes are plentiful and varied, from historic New England farmhouses to contemporary ranches and pre-constructed modular homes.

There are also many other housing choices available: housing developments with covenants, apartment complexes, condominiums (both stacked and townhouse style), mobile home parks and retirement communities.

Based on actual sales, median home prices range from $199,000 to $240,000. Just over one-third of the housing units in Lebanon are rented, with the median rental agreement at an average of $1,000 per month. The housing inventory includes approximately 3,000 single-family homes, 3,500 multi-family homes and 230 manufactured homes.

Several retirement communities, senior housing and assisted living facilities are scattered throughout the Lebanon area. Some offer specific lifestyles for retired persons who choose to live with their contemporaries; others provide assisted living of various degrees for elderly persons with medical needs.

National Grid provides the area with electric service. FairPoint Communications is the primary provider of telephone and DSL service, although several local independent companies also serve the area. Comcast provides the area with cable television, high-speed Internet and telephone service. There are a number of oil and propane dealers in the Upper Valley and surrounding area, many of which are listed in our member directory.

The Valley News, located in West Lebanon, serves the Upper Valley as the primary daily newspaper. Several local radio stations are operated by Clear Channel, Vox Radio Group and Koor Communications.