Background: The City of Lebanon, NH, in conjunction with the Lebanon Area Chamber of Commerce, is seeking sealed proposals for the creation of a series videos to promote Lebanon, NH and the Upper Valley region as a thriving economy that is a desirable place to live, work, shop and play. These videos will mainly be seen online via desktop and laptop computers as well as via handheld devices, such as cell phones and tablets. They may be used in presentations or written to media for efficient dissemination.

Project Requirements: A total of six video productions will be created, comprised of five 3-5 minute videos that will showcase each of the following subjects:

  1. The technology and manufacturing economy of Lebanon and the Upper Valley
  2. The recreational opportunities of Lebanon and the surrounding area
  3. Retail options big and small, see them all
  4. What we love about the area (man on the street) #foundinleb, #foundintheuv
  5. The Lebanon Area Chamber of Commerce; “Your business is our business” and also will include one 8-10 minute video overview that incorporates portions of the above segment videos into a cohesive presentation of Lebanon as a great place to live, shop, work, play and start a business.

These videos are to be hosted by the Lebanon Area Chamber of Commerce’s Executive Director, who will also generate the scripts for the videos and assist with various aspects of production. The selected vendor will be responsible for video shoots and audio recording as well as pre and post production work for this project. These include but are not limited to; lighting, various video and sound production (including B roll), video editing and video upload/output to the LACC and/or Lebanon City YouTube sites.

Proposals should include; Name, address, phone number, and email for a point of contact for the vendor, previous work samples (or links to online content), a description of the equipment such as the hardware and software to be used. Proposals should also include: a fixed pricing quote for the project as outlined above, plus an hourly rate for any additional work to be added to the scope of work and a delivery date not to exceed 2 months from the date of a contract award.

Proposals should be delivered in a sealed envelope marked “VIDEO RFP” to the Lebanon Area Chamber of Commerce’s Executive Director Rob Taylor at PO Box 97, Lebanon, NH 03766 no later than 9/3/2018 at 10:00 am (RFP opening).
Questions and requests for clarification should be directed to the Lebanon Area Chamber of Commerce’s Executive Director Rob Taylor at PO Box 97, Lebanon, NH 03766. He can be reached via telephone at 603-448-1203 or by email at

The Lebanon Area Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to reject any and all proposals. The Chamber looks forward to reviewing your proposal.

PUBLIC ACCESS TO RESPONSES TO RFP Procurement information, including responses to RFPs, shall be a public record to the extent provided in NH RSA 91-A (Right-to-Know Law) and shall be available to the public as provided in such statute. Should a bidder or offeror contend that their proposal or a portion thereof contains confidential information, they should clearly identify which portion of their proposal should be treated as confidential and state the reason why it is confidential citing to the applicable provision(s) of the State of NH RSA 91-A and decisions interpreting the statute. Bidders or offerors shall not make blanket assertions that the entirety of their submission is confidential. The City reserves the right, within the parameters of the statute, to determine that an item does not meet the appropriate criteria to be considered a confidential item and will so inform the bidder or offeror in writing of its determination.